Greed and obsession with power and control has been the driving force of the wars in history of mankind, taking many tens of millions of lives in the process.

Fear of death by a few for a relatively few this time had an immense impact on the vast majority of the living and in many poorer countries has made life unbearable and even unlivable for millions. When will we be able to get to grips with and accept the fact that our bodies do not live forever, that we can only defer death? And that fighting and non acceptance of this truth is the most selfish and unloving thing to do to ourselves, our loved ones and our fellow human beings.

All over we hear about the devastating effects of Covid-19. This is not a true statement. Covid-19 itself has had very little effect on our world. It is our fearful response, our mass hysteria, also fueled by the media, that has created the chaos.  How can a disease with a mortality rate estimated at between 0,5% and 0,06% of infected people make the whole country come to a standstill? The average age of the South African population is only 27, which may make our fatality rate even lower. How is it possible that a disease with these statistics can bring an economy to a grinding halt, robbing millions of people from a way to earn a living? It makes no sense whatsoever. It is indeed not possible. It is only man who can orchestrate this. And it has become clear that for this government, fear has become the strongest emotion, the strongest force. Logic, clear and rational thinking, has been thrown out the door.

It is fear and irrational thinking of the government that is responsible for this. It is the fear of losing face because of statistics, of being accused of not acting responsibly, of not following the others who set an example. Statistics of people dying is the only thing they are scared of. Hungry people do not get recorded. And when the economy folds and anarchy comes, they will blame it on Covid-19. Easy, no problem, no risk. They just did what the rest of the world did. They will defend themselves by saying in a very stately manner, that they did not want to take any chances with people’s lives. And the people will believe them. They will think they did what was best for them. It is all to blame on Covid-19. 

The sooner we accept death of our bodies as part and parcel of the life cycle, the sooner we will learn to act calmly, sensibly and rationally in all situations, and in the process help create a beautiful life for ourselves and all those around us.

Simon van Deventer

Ps. A word on the media: The way they broadcast the relentless increase in the death toll is as if it can actually come down! Are they really expecting the dead to come alive again, and then sensationalise it if it doesn’t? What are they trying to accomplish with this? Why would they not present the numbers in a logical way, also breaking it down in age groups for purposes of a better understanding and perspective?


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