The whores of an unscrupulous government


I am asking the question to every person in the police force, SANDF, local and provincial law enforcement agencies and department of so called “justice” officials: 

How can any person with any integrity and even just a remote sense of morality and sound values allow him or herself to be an instrument of enforcement of unconstitutional, illegal and inhumane laws for this power hungry, control obsessed, militaristic, arrogant, incompetent, corrupt, criminal ridden and heartless government of ours? If the answer would be: “But we are dependent on our salary to make ends meet”. Then I say to you: “So should the woman from the families that you keep from earning a living then become whores in order to feed themselves and their families, like you effectively do?”

By acting out the ridiculous, irrational and destructive laws of government you are aligning yourselves with them. You are their whores. If you had any integrity or self respect, you would have resigned and joined the rest of the jobless in South Africa, waiting for a UIF payout or a R350pm grant. 

Should you not have the mental or moral ability to discern for yourself whether your government is acting in the interest of the people, then just ask yourself the question why the government has deployed 76000 members from the army during a time of “peace” to enforce their views of what is according to them in the best interest of the people onto them.

The enforcement of the often evil and sick personal ideologies and agendas of a single dictatorial ruler or government by a police force or army acting as robotic, unquestioning and mindless instruments upon millions of suffering people must surely be one of the most shameful acts of humanity.

But maybe everything is not so unfair in a way… Maybe this is actually what the majority of South Africans deserve, because they voted for the ANC. They placed their confidence in a corrupt, criminal friendly party who supported and held the corrupt Jacob Zuma in the highest office, thereby saying: ”This is the best person from our ranks we have to offer to lead this country. Our values are mirrored in this man”. If he was the best from amongst you all, and the majority of South Africa’s people indeed supported it, and now you have chosen the dictatorial Minister Dlamini Zuma to lay down the rules of how people should behave and what they are allowed to do and what not, then I say, you deserve exactly what you are getting.

If the ANC had any respect for the wisdom, intelligence and responsible behaviour of their voters, they would have known that a lock down was unnecessary, but of course they knew that those qualities are completely foreign to the majority of the people of South Africa, otherwise they, the ANC, would not have been in power.

I can only pray that the blind majority of the people of South Africa grow into seeing the light before the next election.

Simon van Deventer

17 May 2020