Hereunder the contents of an email sent to Caxton this morning 18 May 2020 subsequent to their publication of the president’s letter to the nation.

Dear Irma,

I have read your publication of our President’s address to the nation this morning. 

Following on your invitation to report the spread of fake news, I do trust that this applies to all and that no one is above the law and therefor I wish to point out the following fake news as stated by the president in his letter this morning, and I quote:

“Our foremost priority remains to save lives”.

This is a lie Ms Green. Scientific and medical sources, even from governments own Medical Advisory Council (who have been strongly reprimanded by Minister Mkhize for voicing their concerns to the media), and basically all other sources including the UN, only excluding the WHO, are unanimous in their opinion that our hard lock down is serving very little purpose and that lives lost from other causes (technically we have to forget about the suffering and hardship for the moment) as a result of the lock down, will far outnumber the lives saved. 

The above opinion is so widely and almost unanimously shared by experts that one cannot dismiss it as subjective or just an opinion. Numerous articles were published on this by very highly regarded scientific experts, local and international.

So, I would suggest that this is pointed out to the president in order for him to rescind and correct his statement on a suitable forum. The obvious truth is that deaths from other causes as a result of their lock down actions are of no concern to them.

Why this would be so, one can only speculate on.

Kind regards and looking forward to hear from you.

Simon van Deventer