Corruption is the abuse of one’s position to enrich oneself. Cyril Ramaphosa does not need more money. He has lots of it, lots. Money does not incentivise him anymore. So guess what comes after that, power, ego. At the start of the lock down, he has called up 2280 troops from the SANDF to help the police to enforce the lock down he announced. Last night he has called up another 73180 troops to enforce his will onto the poor, hungry, defenseless and desperate people. The defense force is funded by the people to be there for their protection. Now it is turned against them. Now the armed is deployed against the defenseless. This is as despicable as one kicking a defenseless dog (or actually shooting one, like a member of the defense force did about a week ago because the dog barked at him, all caught on film. I saw it.)

This is abuse of power, to put it in very, very mild terms. This is serving nothing but his own ego, his own personal obsession to enforce his will upon the people. This is nothing else than corruption. This is nothing else than a perpetuation of the Zuma era in another form. I was full of hope for this country when CR took over the presidency. It seems I was totally naive. If it’s not the sick obsession with money, it’s the sick obsession with power.

A president acting in the best interest of his people is loved by his people. He does not need security guards to protect him, and he definitely does not need an army to enforce his will onto his people. This is nothing else but civil war, except that there are no shots fired because the people are unarmed and the government has the total might of the country’s armed forces behind it. So the army is there to enforce the lock down and to keep peace.

Let me tell you something about peace mr president. Keeping or maintaining peace under circumstances undermining peaceful coexistence does not exist. Nowhere and never in documented history did it exist. This is because the ideology that peace can ever be reached by negotiation, signing of agreements, war or in your case, suppression by force, is a fallacy. It is deceptive. Any government who has ever claimed to have accomplished peace by such means, has later woken up to the reality that all that was accomplished was a temporary enforced state of submission. All that is attained by such means is people living in quiet desperation and a subdued state of passive aggression until they find another way to vent their anger.

This will come and bite you in the back side at the next election at the very latest mr president, and it will not serve the agenda or interest of you, me, or anyone who has the best interest of this beautiful country with its special people at heart. 

You have been warned.

Simon van Deventer.

22 April 2020