Questioning the purpose of government


A government should be there to provide an orderly and optimal structure in which its people can function optimally. They have been elected to act in the utmost good faith towards and on behalf of its people. A government is in service to its people. 

Why is this then that one most of the time feels that the people and the government is in opposition to each other, that they are fighting each other? Because government is focused on wielding power over the people, instead of bringing out the best in them.

How long must our country’s citizens remain law abiding while the government of the day is pressing and rubbing their faces into the dirt, even deploying the army that was supposed to protect us, the people, against us?

I again read in the paper this morning: “Statistics will guide government in its decision about lock down.” This confirms 100% my writing about the “Delusions created by immeasurability”.  They arrogantly and with no shame state this, not even mentioning or recognizing the plight of the millions of desperate people out there. 

Let’s consider the following scenario: As the curve remains relatively flat, and the masses driven by hunger and a feeling  of “they have been forgotten” get more and more out of control, government feels the pressure and starts relaxing the lock down. Infections  will increase (also under a lock down scenario) because that is the reality of the virus, but also because of more testing. As the numbers increase out of governments comfort zone, they reintroduce a lock down again (and saying: “See, the lock down was the right strategy!”) At this point, it would be the last straw for many businesses who have been opening their doors again and being in a life and death struggle for survival.

This would be the end of South Africa as we know it. As I have said so many times before, government has lost touch with reality. It is like we as a country have been bitten by a slightly venomous (latest and very credible research indicates an estimated but actual fatality rate of 0,06%) snake, and they (the doctor/government) has cut off a main artery so we can bleed out the poison. We are dying from loss of blood!!

Again I say we are acting as if we can end the spread of the virus with this lock down. If that was possible, the current sacrifice might have been justified, but that is just not possible and even prof Karim, head advisor for the government on the Covid-19 issue, confirms this. Current strategy is prolonging and deferring the curve unrealistically which will eventually lead to an out of control steepening of the curve because the country would have become ungovernable on all levels, including its health care.

It is not Covid-19 that is destroying this country. It is government’s totally incompetent handling of this.

I will not repeat what I have said and written a dozen times before, but unless we take a realistic and pragmatic approach by accepting the reality of this virus, we will destroy this country totally. We cannot continue with the current non sustainable lock down strategy. If a lock down is justified for the current status and level of infections, it will just be the case more and more, and if the lock down is partially lifted, you can bet your life it will be a matter of time before government clamps (locks) down on us again when the numbers escalate, as it will of course. Their eyes need to be opened regarding the absurdity of their strategy. On top of this, it is my opinion that we could attain 90% efficiency with 10% of the cost. A lock down is an extreme measure to avoid an out of control steepening in the curve. We followed other countries far more advanced in their “curve” like sheep by also jumping on the lock down band wagon right in the beginning of our curve. Latest figures revealed 241 people in hospital in SA and 35 in ICU. Millions hungry and desperate, appearing nowhere in the statistics. But the whole country is in lock down! Zero cases in Plett where I live, but the whole town is in lock down! Thousands hungry and desperate, but appearing nowhere on the statistics. This is ridiculous! Thousands of people are being fed daily by good Samaritans, rescuing the government and the country from imploding. The only people who can possibly be supporting this are those who get their fat salaries paid by government each month and who feels a complete zero (I have a better term for this) for the plight of their fellow man. This is despicable.

We must accept Covid-19 is here and each one must LIVE prudently and responsibly as part of a semi-normal life as he or she deems fit. We have exhausted the extreme measure “luxury” of a lock down at a time when it was not needed at all. Time is up for it. 

We are bleeding to death. Do we just accept this?

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot unlearn the lies they have been taught to believe.

Simon van Deventer

21 April 2020